Current BBC F1 Team MembersEdit

Name Role Seasons Notes
Jake Humphrey Presenter 2009-2012
David Coulthard Analyst/Commentator 2009-2012
Eddie Jordan Chief Analyst 2009-2012
Lee McKenzie Pit Lane Reporter 2009-2012
Gary Anderson Technical Anaylst 2012
Ben Edwards Commentator 2012
James Allen Radio Commentator 2012
Jaime Alguersuari Radio Commentator 2012
Jennie Gow Radio Pit Lane Reporter 2012

Former BBC F1 Team MembersEdit

Name Role Seasons Notes
Murray Walker Presenter/Commentator 1978-1996
James Hunt Commentator 1980-1993
Jonathan Palmer Pit Lane Reporter/Commentator 1990-1996
Joe Saward Pit Lane Reporter 1993-1996
Jonathan Legard Radio Commentator 1997-2004
Maurice Hamilton Radio Commentator 2005-2008
David Croft Radio Commentator 2006-2011
Holly Samos Radio Pit Lane Reporter 2007-2010
Jonathan Legard Commentator 2009-2010
Martin Brundle Commentator 2009-2011
Ted Kravitz Technical Analyst 2009-2011
Anthony Davidson Radio Commentator 2009-2011
Karun Chandhok Radio Commentator 2010
Natalie Pinkham Radio Pit Lane Reporter 2011

Guest BBC F1 Team MembersEdit

Name Role Events Notes
Jackie Stewart Radio/Commentator 1979 British Grand Prix, 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix
James Hunt Commentator 1979 British Grand Prix, 1979 United States Grand Prix
Mike Gascoyne Chief Analyst 2009 Chinese Grand Prix
Johnny Herbert Radio Commentator 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix
Karun Chandhok Radio Commentator

2011 Spanish Grand Prix, 2011 British Grand Prix

Murray Walker Radio Commentator 2011 British Grand Prix

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